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ELEKTROGAS VMH type valve with hydraulic actuator

ELEKTROGAS hydraulic actuated valve, normally closed.

The VMH valve is a safety shutting device using auxiliary power supply.
When it is de-energized, the spring pushes on the seal disc, keeping the gas passage
closed. When the actuator is powered, the relief valve close, the pumps start and the pressurized oil push the piston. The disc open against the combined force of spring
and gas pressure. When the disc reaches the end stop, the pump is turned off and only the relief valve is consuming power.

This type of valvesuitable for air or gas blocking and releasing controls, required in the main pipe of gas power burners, atmospheric gas boilers, industrial kilns and others gas consuming appliances.

The valves are made of aluminum alloy with a range for connections from DN 65 up to DN 200. Depending on series, VMH valves can be used in pipeline with pressure from 1.6 to 0.2bar.

More details: Download data sheet